Thesis (Parking Area in the State University)

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Every individual has only one life; so, it must be protected from any forms of accidents that may cause death. Accidents can happen anywhere at anytime and could happen unexpectedly. There are accidents that happen due to negligence of both the victim and the offender. The NORSU-BSC Campus is a school where motor vehicles are allowed to get in and out of the campus. There are owners of motor vehicles who are roaming around the campus even during classes and with tampered mufflers which destruct classes. Moreover, some motor vehicles are parked anywhere or even along the pathways where they cause problems to many. This indiscriminate parking activity is not desired for a university that promotes good image and sets as an example of peace and orderliness to the public. It is along this line that the researchers who are future implementers of school rules and regulations would like to find out the volume of these motor vehicles entering the campus, and to identify the problems caused by indiscriminate parking. The findings of this study would help NORSU-BSC in designing a parking area to avoid problems and untoward accidents brought about by indiscriminate parking.

Statement of the Problem
This study would like to identify the indiscriminate parking of motor vehicles in Negros Oriental State University, Bayawan City. It sought to answer the following ques-tions: 1.)What is the profile of the respondents in terms of

1.2.Age; and
1.3. Course?
2.)What is the volume of registered motor vehicles entering the campus? 3.)What are the observed usual parking areas of motor vehicles? 4.)What are the reasons in choosing parking areas for motor vehicles? 5.)What are the problems caused by the existing parking preferences of motor vehicle owners (indiscriminate parking)?

Significance of the Study
Negros Oriental State University, Bayawan Sta. Catalina Campus comprises four colleges with growing enrolment each year. With an increase in enrolment also comes an increase in the volume of vehicles that come and go, entering and leaving the campus everyday. This daily routine of students and teachers has created a problem as to the most appropriate area for parking motor vehicle. This being the case, the researchers who are students in Criminology have embarked in conducting a study on the indiscriminate park-ing of motor vehicles in the campus, the result of which shall prove beneficial to the Uni-versity and the clientele, students, visitors, and the faculty and staff who own motor ve-hicles that enter and leave the campus on a temporary or permanent basis daily.

To have a proper parking area of motor vehicles in the school campus brings ad-vantages. First, it can eliminate the disturbance of classes because of the noisy sound mufflers of the motor vehicles. Second, it can avoid accidents inside the school premises. Third, it can make the criminology students vigilant of their duties as implementers in preparation for their professional jobs. Lastly, it can give peace of mind to owners if their motor vehicles are parked properly. This study would also benefit the following:

NORSU. The result of this study would help the administration plan a parking area for motor vehicles of both the students and the faculty and staff. Motorists. This would help the motorists secure their motor vehicles by parking them in a designated area. Students. The students would be safe from any accidents resulting in indiscriminate park-ing and pathways are safe for them. NORSU BSC Campus. The NORSU campus would have a peaceful and orderly environ-ment since the motor vehicles are parked in their designated parking area.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
This study is limited only to the responses of the students, faculty and staff of Ne-gros Oriental State University, Bayawan City...
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