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Topics: Autogenic training, Carl Jung, Relaxation technique Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: April 11, 2013
"These stimuli comprise an immense number of situations, including physical trauma, prolonged exposure to cold, prolonged heavy exercise, infection, shock, decreased oxygen supply, sleep deprivation, pain, fright, and other emotional stresses." - Vander, Sherman, and Luciano (2001). The stress that in terms of physiological has been defined as a harmful stimulus or potentially harmful, therefore, our bodies will come fitted out with those reflex reactions due to our situations that allow our body to function optimally. Moreover, some stress reactions will produce from any stimuli; this means that stressor produces stress. Stress can be tempted by loneliness, refutation, and changes surrounded by the society or the emotion that has been badly treated by someone. For example, our body will retain its temperature within a contracted range, although if the situation’s temperature contrasts significantly. Another example, our body has an amazing way that can give reactions automatically to the situation is the “flight-or-flight” response.

“I cannot and should not be cured of my stress, but merely taught to enjoy it.” – Hans Seyle. Stress can be affects us in many ways and the causes of stress are dissimilar. These causes can be related with those features of physical; situations; personal and the social relationships; individual concerns; and night work. First of all, poor working conditions like insufficient space to operate comfortably and lack of privacy which may disturb for people may be cause to stress. The insufficient temperature and humidity control may make us uncomfortable, so it will bring us up to physiology stress. Furthermore, the relationships that occur in between of people on an individual and social basis are usually caused to stress. For case in point, sometimes conflicts that happened with family demands or the loyalties between one’s own need and structural demands, it will make a person feels stress with can’t stop thinking about solution for...
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