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thesis-modified waterfall model

By dahel17 Oct 14, 2014 422 Words
1 Modified Waterfall Model
A Modified Waterfall Model (See Figure 7) from the System Development Life Cycle was used by the proponents in this study. This model involves validation or verification between the phases of the traditional Waterfall Model. This combination enables the early corrections of any deviations in the processes.

This model also supports proper development documentation. For that reason, the proponents became one-step closer in using the Modified Waterfall Model.
This model also has these well-organized stages which helps in the classification and clarification on jobs needed to be done by the proponents. Limited on their time and resources, this gives the proponents a wider perspective or a different angle to view their tasks, thus creating the job’s focal point while minimizing or even eliminating minor tasks.

One of the biggest cons of this model is its development time frame which complements the proponents’ problem of time. This also creates other problems like occurrence of uncertainties especially in the early stages of development. With all of such combined together, a slow start for the development is possible. However, being output-oriented, the proponents still used the said model because of the greater chance of having a good system.

Planning Phase
The proponents conducted brainstorming activities on what kind of system they would like to develop and that they could develop. Having encountered a company that experiences the lack of proper technology in their processes, the proponents decided to create a system that will minimize resources while maximizing the number of finished tasks in the business process. Analysis Phase

The proponents conducted an interview in the company of the study. This is done to further analyze the processes of Sales and Inventory Management from where the system is based upon. Design Phase

Results from the analysis phase were the ones that were used in the designing and development of the system. Most data were from the interview done by the proponents which highlighted the problems of the company. Implementation Phase

As the system gets nearer to its completion, the proponents presented the system on a regular basis for the company to know its status. This will also lead to the future implementation of the system to the company. Maintenance Phase

The proponents received changes or updates in the company’s processes. Being near to its completion, these changes will only be possible in the maintenance phase of the system. These changes will be applied on the system’s update to avoid any other changes in the development of the current system.

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