Thesis: Jazz and Music

Topics: Jazz, Music genre, Emotion Pages: 37 (10336 words) Published: November 11, 2012

A Thesis Presented to
The Faculty of High School Department
St. Benedict School of Novaliches

In partial fulfilment
of the requirements of
English IV

Caryl Lloyd V. Santelcies

Submitted on:
November 14, 2012


The researcher would like to offer a bountiful of thanks and gratitude to the following individuals who offer themselves in helping and whose guidance led to the completion of the research work.

To Ms. Daciel Elias and Ms. Ivy Lugtu, his beloved thesis advisers, who really showed their whole efforts in assisting him to finish this study from the beginning until to the end of the school year.

To Mr. Emmanuel C. Fabella, the school director and principal, for including the thesis writing in the school curriculum and for launching a Thesis Writing Workshop for the fourth year students.

To Allen Villabroza, Mark Abejero, Benedict Caliwara, Dyan Castillo, Ira Bañez, Kyle del Castillo, Prince Sero, Chariz Arroyo, and Faye Perez for sharing their knowledge about thesis writing which helped him finish some parts with his thesis.

To Cristaleen Punzal and Lovella Esperida, who helped the researcher in accumulating and tabulating data for his study and helping him to organize this as well.

To Stefan Pablo, Leenyel Rosales, Marvin Glean, Gabriel Contreras, Stephen Tan, and Ishmael Aguilar who accompanied him during the time when he still gathers data from different sources up to the time when he encodes his whole research work.

To his very bestfriend, Karen Bataller, for motivating him morally and serving as the inspiration of the researcher in doing every part of his thesis.

To St. Landric Batch 2012 – 2013, for being the best section and second family of the researcher and for making him feel gratified in spite of all hardships he encountered.

To his parents, Mr. Oscar Santelices and Mrs. Malou Santelices, and to his siblings, Carmae Santelices, Louie Santelices, and Ciara Santelices, for supporting him throughout the school year and handling his family responsibilities while he is doing his work.

And most of all to God, for His never-ending guidance, love, and wisdom.

The Researcher


All those sleepless nights, unending cramming,
brain-draining hardships, great efforts
are dedicated to
St. Benedict School of Novaliches, my beloved school,
To the United Seniors, Batch 2012 – 2013,
To Allen Villabroza, Mark Abejero, Stefan Pablo, Marvin Glean, Leenyel Rosales, Gabriel Contreras, FLIRTZ Family, Karen and Katherine Bataller, Ira Bañez, Lovella Esperida, Cristaleen Punzal To Ms. Daciel Elias and Ms. Ivy Lugtu, my thesis advisers,

To Ms. Katherine Rose Cabias, my class adviser (St. Landric, SY. 2012 - 2013) To his nautical siblings, and most
especially to my beloved parents:
Mr. Oscar Santelices, my hardworking father
Mrs. Malou Santelices, my supportive mother


Music is considered as an essential part of our existence. It is proven that our life will be worthless without music. We listen to music almost every day, even every time. Listening to it became a habit in us. We started listening to music since our childhood stage until our adolescence stage and even up to the stages where we already have our own families. Music really creates a relationship with our daily lives. But it seems that music can really change a human person, particularly in this research, the emotions. As someone listens to music, his emotions vary depending on what he hears. He feels something different inside of him, therefore his actions are changed. Music serves as opening for releasing the emotions. Many reactions are proven among the respondents; therefore the researcher wants to deduce their different reactions. This is the reason why the researcher conducted a perception study regarding listening to music as an emotional outlet among...

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Range Verbal Interpretation
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