Thesis, Hepatitis a Pravalence to Street Foods (No Chapter4)

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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

People eat to survive. Food fuels people to do our activities through the day. Intake of food can help supply human daily needs like fluids such as water, carbohydrates to produce energy such as rice and bread, vitamins for a healthy immune system. These help to maintain a healthy body. Food plays an important role for human’s survival. Being food, an essential to human, there are certain factors that are need to be considered on acquiring or making it. Thus the way on how the food is attained, where it came from and how food is being made. What are the ingredients in it and how it is made must be considered a crucial factor when we talk about food. We take food inside our body into our system, so what ever we get inside our system must be god and safe for the body. The concern in this is a human body need food intake that will give benefit like strong body. Not to ruin the body. Virus is one of many things that can ruin a human body. Hepatitis A is a virus that can be acute or be chronic when it enters a human body. This virus can also be drawn from food if there is a failure in following the proper process of preparing food. Virus is a human body’s enemy for it will weaken the body if an infection is not treated. An illness that is taken for granted may turn out worst (Harvey, L. 2012).

Our food industry today has a non-stop innovation and keeps on introducing new products for human consumption. But people must be cautious at all times. According to Isaac, T (2010), “An estimated 5million Americans are infected with Hepatitis A and most of them don’t know it!” Due to the numbers of food product that are not strict in properly handles by the producers and did not implement proper sanitation. A food product may contain contamination if it ids not prepared properly and if a person swallowed and take the food that is contaminated, the virus can easily enter the person’s system and will cause infection that will damage the immune system.

In the Philippines, Hepatitis A virus isn’t a new thing. In fact, the provincial health office in Iloilo city declares a Hepatitis A outbreak in 2 towns and confirmed the case and recorded 40 cases of liver disease. This was reported by ABS-CBN News (2010). The incident was caused by, the people drinking water that happens to be contaminated. There was also a Hepatitis A cases reported in the farthest province of the region in Cabugao, Apayao from June 22 to September 2012. The Department of Health (DOH) Cordillera received reports from Regional Epidemiological Surveillance Unit. There was a rapid increase of viral infection with 29 cases of Hepatitis A. At least 17 of the cases were confirmed and linked at a carinderia (food stall) and canteen of Lourdes Highschool. The victims were mostly students and the faculty staffs of the said school. The carinderia (food stall) and the canteen was duly inspected and showed that the cause of the outbreak was the improper sanitation inside the establishment. Worst, two off the food handlers in the canteen we’re positive from Hepatitis A virus (Sunstar, Bagiuo 2012).

Street Foods has been subject recently in the daily news. The City Council here in Davao City called the attention of the public to be careful on buying products such as the street food. They conducted test and collected samples that proves that street foods that are obviously typical to sell on the streets of Davao City did not pass the sanitary measures needed for a food business to operate. Most of the vendors that are selling street foods don’t have any sanitation permits that are needed to be attained before the business can be approved by the City office and start operate and sell products. The City Council also discourage the public on buying and eating street foods. They are positive and is predicting that anyone can easily get disease and Hepatitis A virus when the public continues to buy...
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