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1. Introduction

The Tourism Industry can provide communities with an opportunity to display their region’s distinct and unique cultural and natural assets. A diverse economy is one that can cope with the changes experienced in our current environment. At the local and regional level the industry comprises tourism operators, businesses not directly involved in tourism, local and regional tourism organizations, community groups, residents and local government. By working together destinations have the capacity to attract visitors, satisfy their leisure needs and expectations, and generate economic and social benefits for the whole community.

Department of Tourism (DOT) described the resort as any place or places with pleasant environment and atmosphere conducive to comfort, healthful relaxation and rest, offering food, sleeping, accommodation and recreational facilities to the public for a fee or remuneration. It is also used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacations and or tourism. The term resort is called “laso” used for self- contained commercial establishment which attempts to provide for most a vacationer’s wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. According to the research findings of Journal of sustainable development that majority of the visitors of a certain resort are engage in relaxation/drinking a value 27% compare to other variables with values rock climbing 7% swimming 13% game viewing 21% horse riding 9% and sight seeing 22% respectively.

Tanay is blessed province in Rizal, because of their known Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, Calinawan Cave, Tanay Dike, San Ildefonso Church, Regina Rica, Daraitan River and other resort establishments such as Momarco Resort, Ten Cents to Heaven, Pranjetto Hills Resort, Bakasyunan Resort, and Sierra Madre Resort and include JE Camp Hotel and Resort. The property is owned by the former Pres. Joseph E. Estrada with an expansive 21 hectare which offers many unique amenities and themed venues for guests to choose from.

JE Camp, Hotel and Resort is actually different from the usual camps, hotels and resorts. It is steeped with history about the owner and about the Philippines. It was a private enclave of one of the most powerful Filipinos, former President (and now Manila Mayor) Joseph Ejercito, more popularly known as Joseph Estrada, or "Erap" to the masses. It is also where Erap was incarcerated after he was found guilty of plunder in a case filed against him during the term of his predecessor. It is located at Brgy. Sampaloc Tanay, Rizal.

This study utilized descriptive method that will answer the following objectives, which are to determine the extent of rating to the respondents. The researchers believe that this study will give a great benefit and impact to the local communities, tourists and government officials and to the future researchers. First, it is significant to the local communities to help them know the new progression of this resort is. Second, the resort proved that they had the potentials and they are ready to compete to other vacation spot. It really helped them to discover a new paradise and a unique resort that will guide them to refer another relative come and explore the JE Camp, Hotel and Resort. Also, it is important for the future researchers because all information that has been gathered will provide them as guidelines for their study, mostly to the students who are taking up Travel Management. This study will help the researchers to gain more knowledge about the potentials of this resort.

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Theoretical Framework

According to Modernization of Theory, the context of modernization theory, tourism has been advocated as a development strategy to generate foreign exchange, to increase the balance of payment, increase GDP, attract development capital, increase the transfer of technology, increase employment (Shaw and Williams,...
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