Thesis Awareness of Republic Act 9775 Otherwise Known as Anti Child Pornography Act of 2009

Topics: Internet, Commercial sexual exploitation of children, Child pornography Pages: 34 (10679 words) Published: July 25, 2013

I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep regards to my guide Professor Federico Jaboya for his exemplary guidance, monitoring and constant encouragement throughout the course of this thesis. The blessing, help and guidance given by him shall carry me a long way in the journey of life on which I am about to embark. I also take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude to my family who unselfishly offered help in conducting my survey and collecting data in our barangay. I would like to thanks my sister karen Guillermo, who offered her kind help in helping me in Chapter 1 and 3. It is also with immense gratitude that I acknowledge the support of Mr. Randel Abalos who made grammatical corrections and suggestions.  Also I take this opportunity to thanks to my BII Company and AB-POLSCI 3B family and my friends for their constant encouragement without which this thesis would not be possible. To Barangay 174 Camarin,Caloocan City for making their place available and for cooperation for the success of this thesis. And most of Almighty God who gives me strength and good health while doing this.




This Study is lovingly dedicated to my respective parents who have been my constant source of inspiration they have given me the drive and discipline to tackle any task with enthusiasm and determination. Without their love and support this study would not have been made possible.  To my friends and professors who help me to finished this thesis and most of all to Almighty God who gives me strength and good health while doing this.

Iris Joy G. Pacheco

Chapter 1


Today, it is alarming that child pornography have gotten worse in the Philippines, which are usual produced by foreigners. Visa are not needed to enter and stay in the country just to make transactions. Child pornography producers blame the parents and pay in advance, they use any tactics telling that their children will work as a maid and the another reason is usually happens in the high school level, they are willing to approach the penetrators because they felt that they had no choice but to be exposed to pornography and other sexual engagement. Pursuant with this matter Republic Act No. 9775 otherwise known as “Anti child pornography act of 2009 “prescribing for their penalties and purposes.

Background of the study
Republic Act No. 9775 otherwise known as “ Anti child pornography act of 2009 “ is devoted to curbing and raising awareness about child pornography remains convinced that such form of sexual exploitation of children is still prevalent in our country. But there is no available statistics to reveal the extent of child pornography in our country because the issue of child pornography is under reported. However, in government data it was estimated that about 60,000 to 600,000 street children are victims of prostitution. More Than 4.2 million pornographic websites now exist.

Republic Act No. 9775 aims to protect the Filipino children from the unlawful sex trade by imposing legal and powerful penalties to anyone found guilty of committing, attempting or being involved in child pornography. The term “children” refers to those who are below 18 years of age, or, those who are over 18 years of age but do not have the capacity to fully take care and protect themselves from any form of abuse, discrimination and exploitation due their physical or mental condition.

Child pornography refers to “any public or private representation, by whatever means, of a child engaged in real or simulated explicit sexual activities or any representation of the sexual parts of a child for primarily sexual purposes. Taking photo and videos of sexual parts, creating digital created images, making audio recordings or representations of a child engaged in an illicit sexual activity

are some of the...
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