Thesis Abstract Title: a Feasibility Study of a Computerized Management, Academic and Research Information System for the Mountain State Agricultural College

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INTRODUCTION The increasing complexity of administrative operations in today’s colleges and universities are the effects of the growing students, faculty and administrative populations and the physical expansion of the institutions. The increase in complexity means additional administrative manpower, workloads, and management information and data processing system. To meet the growing needs of education, colleges and universities as a result formulated new innovations, techniques and methods and streamline the complexity of operations. New facilities such as the computer were developed not only for the instructions, research and academic applications.

Statement of the Problem Since 1970 the Mountain State Agricultural College witnessed the upsurge in student enrollment, faculty and administrative personnel, research projects, degree programs and college functions. As a result of complexity of management, academic research and research operations have developed.

The study aimed to develop a computer application on its information system and the data processing system to streamline such complexity. The problem areas are as follows: 1. The analysis of the present system 2. The design of the proposed system 3. Selection of the proposed computer system its cost study and the computer department organization.

Methology The research is adopted to a descriptive method. This employs the systems analyses method oriented towards computer approach like wise with the utilization of questionnaire on the survey of the information flow within the organization.


The Present System In the survey and systems investigation of the present system reviewing the existing procedures and information flow, emphasis is made on the documents and information flow used in management, academic and research operations. All documents are to be investigated according to the origin, distribution, materials and format. The present organization of the institution is divided into three groups namely:

1) Management Group a) Personnel and Records Division] b) Finance Division c) Property, Housing and Auxiliary Services Division 2) Academic Group a) Admission Office b) Student Affairs c) Graduate and Undergraduate Office d) All College Division 3) Research and Development Organization a) Physical Plan Division b) Research and Experimental Station c) Philippine Training Center d) Northern Philippines Root Crop Research The problems of the present system are mainly due to the manual nature of the data processing and are materialized as follows: 1. Accuracy of Academic Data 2. Student Records and File Maintenance 3. Personnel Records and File Maintenance 4. Payroll, Accounting and Finance Files 5. Research Statistical Analysis and Evaluation of the Experimental Data 6. Manual Grade Processing Enrollment

Future Requirements and Constraints

Based on a five-year projection plan, the student and the faculty-administrative personnel population will increase as follows: Number of Enrolled Students as of 1984- 4,817 Number of Faculty as of 1984- 608 The increase of the administrative personnel would be proportional to the increase of faculty staff. The increase of student and personnel would relatively increase the following: 1. Administrative Workloads 2. Research Projects 3. Enrollment Requirements 4. Data Processing Requirements 5. Academic and other Physical Facilities

Proposed Computerized Information System The proposed information system would use the individual file data base method and is centralized and managed by the EDP department. This total information system would handle the following files:

A. Management 1. Payroll, Accounting and Financial 2. Inventory 3. Personnel B. Academic 1. General Student Data 2. Grade Report

3. Student Accounts C....
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