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Web-based Enrollment Information System for Asian Computer College

A Thesis Proposal Presented to the
Computer Studies Department
City College of Calamba
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree

For Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
3rd Rev. SY 2011-2012

Bagsic, Abegail C.

Dela Cruz, Jeaniva C.

Recamata, Julie Ann A.

August 2011

1.0The Problem and its Background


Modern technology is a part of our daily life. It helps individuals and industries perform their tasks and daily routines, including their transactions. Modern technology gives an advantage in accomplishing our work. This technology includes devices and information systems that help us attain faster and reliable transactions. Each system lessens the load on workforce and paper work of the organization.

Asian Computer College (ACC) is an institution that has been administered by Mrs. Myra Grace Caritos-Ricalde. This institution offers pre-school, grade school, and high school level education. ACC is composed of two distinct schools—the ACC Main and the ACC Annex. The ACC Main is located at Mayapa, Calamba City while the ACC Annex is located at Punta, Calamba City. Currently, ACC has almost 800 students enrolled and is using a manual system of enrollment, i.e., the institution encounters different stumbling blocks such as time consuming, human errors, and loss of records.

Most institution now uses IT-based system to address these stumbling blocks. One such systems is a Web-based Enrollment Information System. This system will help the staff assigned in organizing the data and information of enrollees. With this system, the paper works and transaction time will be reduced. The students, teachers and administrators can transact with this system by viewing their files and reports. Some of the benefits of the proposed system are data retrieval and data manipulation. In data retrieval, the user can easily retrieve the records in a secured database. Data manipulation includes adding, deleting, editing and searching of records.

1.2Statement of the Problem

The researchers seek the solution to address the problems encountered in the enrollment procedure at ACC. At present, this institution is using a manual process of enrollment. Because of this, the organization experience different difficulties in their enrollment procedure, e.g., loss of and disorganization of student files. This takes too much time in making repetitive error corrections.

Specifically, the study aims the following:

1. How to develop an information system that can effectively manage and organize the files of enrolled students? 2. How to develop a system that would shorten the time the faculty member and students spent in enrolling? 3. How to develop a system that assists the student in viewing their records? 4. How to develop a user friendly system that may improve or strengthen the relationship between the institution and their students?

1.3Objectives of the Study

1.3.1General Objective

Generally, this study aims to propose an automated system that may overcome the problems of the manual procedure of enrollment at Asian Computer College. The proponents seek to answer these problems using an It-based system.

1.3.2Specific Objectives

Specifically, the study aims the following:

1. To develop a system that can manage and organize the files of enrolled students.

2. To create a system lessens the time the faculty members and students spent in enrolling.

3. To develop a system that can assist students in viewing their records.

4. To develop a user friendly system between the organization and their students.

1.4Conceptual Framework


Figure1. Conceptual Framework

This figure shows the Hierarchy Input Process Output (HIPO) model. The HIPO model shows the data that institute use in...
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