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By schiemerer Mar 24, 2014 297 Words


The purpose of this study is to conduct a survey so that we can examine the opinion of the student about the perception in early pregnancy in pilgrim Christian college. We want also to aware the teenagers that they must have self-control to their self because early pregnancy is the major health problem that faced in many societies. According to our current studies, the incidence of this, remain high among the teenagers. Specially mention to girls because they are the one who will be experience the pregnant. Ladies should take good care your virginity as like what they say “The best gift that you can give to your husband is your virginity.” Early pregnancy can lead into depression, poor school performances and emotional instability because the teenagers will develop fear of the unknown with regards to abandonment by deprivation or reduce family sanction. A strong relationship between teenage pregnancy and depression is associated with decision-making, lack of motivation and low of self-esteem. Most girls, pregnancy reflects on attitude of passivity and of not caring about what happen in their lives some teenagers fall to pregnant because of curiosity and also they are not aware. As a human, we should know to protect ourselves because it is not easy to become a patient in the young age, and also to avoid the over populated in this world. Wherein, there is a lot of teenagers now doing premarital sex only taken for granted. Let’s put to our mind that, we must get married first before entering the sexual intercourse. So that, we will not be one of victim on early pregnancy. Majority, already know what is right and wrong. Then, all we have to do is to pay attention because this is for our own good.

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