Topics: Psychology, Drug addiction, Medicine Pages: 4 (955 words) Published: January 25, 2014
Sample of research student titles

Globalization and the educational experiences of young adult private students in English speaking African countries: A case study of Ghana. Values and Expectations of work-personal life integration of young British and Southeast Asian students An autobiography of health: a study of health and identity

Registered order to enhance their quality of life
An investigation of how therapists assess that change is occurring during therapeutic sessions with child clients within the field of mental health that rely on play as the primary form of communication A study exploring emotionality and motivation of the sport spectator drawing upon societal figurational models Outreach anticoagulation project of injecting drug users with deep vein thrombosis Widening participation in Higher Education: A participatory action research project exploring diversity, achievement and well being A micro-study of intuitive knowledge with special reference to social work Cognitive Interview (CI) - Suggestibility and how it is reduced among children Exploring long term "Yo Yo Dieting"

Cognitive Neuroscience in Stroke Rehabilitation: an observation based intervention Development of a Clinical Decision Rule to improve the diagnosis of heart failure in the breathless patient 'The production and maintenance of gendered discourses within a training programme for football coaches' The Role of the Family Consulting Centre in Reducing Marital Problems in Qatar Occupational Stress - Mental Health and Job Satisfaction among Asian and non-Asian Teachers in the UK Cyberstalking: harassment in the information age

Clinical Decision Rules for the Assessment of Cardiac Chest Pain. Combining Clinical Features with Early Markers of Vascular Activation Transliminality as mediator of "cognitive transference" in schizotypy Perceptions of conscious communicative intent in challenging behaviour of people with learning disabilities: The role of inference The Psychological...
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