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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background


Word games give strange happiness for the players not been included the educational aspects. How much if we play using our own language. That gives us idea to make not a new game but a new variation of boggle or word factory’s game exclusively for Filipinos.

You may have played word factory android games before but in this variation, each player searches for Filipino or Tagalog words that can be constructed from the letters of sequentially adjacent cubes, where "adjacent" cubes are those horizontally, vertically, and diagonally neighboring. Words must be at least three letters long, may include singular and plural (or other derived forms) separately, but may not use the same letter cube more than once per word.

This game is entitled as PH Word Factory is brought to android mobile phones for entertainment. Since Filipinos are hooked in playing word games, the team decided to integrate an application that will be synthesizing both the traditional and modern technology for the players.

We will publish an Official Tagalog Dictionary for PH Word Factory for good evaluation on the result of the players constructed words.

Background of the Study

Boggle is a word game designed by Alan Turoff and originally distributed by Parker Brothers. The game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.

The game begins by shaking a covered tray of sixteen cubic dice, each with a different letter printed on each of its sides. The dice settle into a 4x4 tray so that only the top letter of each cube is visible. After they have settled into the grid, a three-minute sand timer is started and all players simultaneously begin the main phase of play.

Each player records all the words he or she finds by writing on a private sheet of paper. After three minutes have elapsed, all players must immediately stop writing and the game enters the scoring phase.

In the scoring phase, each player reads off his or her list of discovered words. If two or more players wrote the same word, it is removed from all players' lists. Any player may challenge the validity of a word, in which case a previously nominated dictionary is used to verify or refute it. For all words remaining after duplicates have been eliminated, points are awarded based on the length of the word. The winner is the player whose point total is highest, with any ties typically broken by count of long words. One cube is printed with "Qu." This is because Q is nearly always followed by U in English words (see exceptions), and if there were a Q in Boggle, it would be challenging to use if a U did not, by chance, appear next to it. But in this version, we will put “Ng” instead of “Qu” to construct Filipino words and we will remove some letters like C, X, Q, Z ,V because there’s no Filipino words which can be constructed in that discussed letters.

The North American National Scrabble Association publishes the Official Scrabbles players dictionary (OSPD), which is also suitable for Boggle. This dictionary includes all variant forms of words up to eight letters in length. A puzzle book entitled 100 Boggle puzzles offering 100 game positions was published in the UK in 2003 but is no longer in print.

Different versions of Boggle have varying distributions of letters. For example, a more modern version in the UK has easier letters, such as only one K, but an older version (with a yellow box, from 1986) has two Ks and a generally more awkward letter distribution.

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives
This project aims to enhance the player’s knowledge and to be familiarized with some unknown local words which we shouldn’t forget as a Filipinos.

Specific Objectives
To create certain android mind game exclusively for Filipinos. •To create...
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