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Significance of the Study

Reading is considered as a skills area of the general curriculum. Generally, students who have reading deficiencies find difficulties in areas which require the use of vocabulary, comprehensions and analytical skills. Workbook is particularly use by student now a day. It was compiled to serve as a study guide to students. It is the most required books that the students need to buy so that they can learn more knowledge according to their subject matter. It helps them enhance their ability in reading. Using workbooks will help the students collect more data in knowledge. It is important for the students to have workbook so that they can study anytime and everywhere, like in his/her boarding house or in their house. It is easily to carry and easily to understand for the students. Workbooks aim to be an effective tool in the fulfilment of the University of Southern Mindanao vision. Particularly this workbook will help the students to learn more and appreciate technology in order to become productive. It helps prepare and equip them in the hope that they will become competitive and efficient human resources (Cordero, 2008). However the major problems in these situations are to know the quality, price and content of the workbooks. This research can be beneficial to help the researcher to identify the customer satisfaction on using workbooks offered among USM students. This study shows how the students give importance to the quality of the workbook they are buying, if it is suitable to the given price and if the content is clearly discuss by the compilers. It will give the students an assurance that the workbook they are buying will have a long term usage. It is also beneficial to parents and teachers.

Objectives of the Study

Generally, the objective of the study is to determine the satisfaction of students on workbooks offered among students.
Specifically, it aims to
1. determine the socio-economic profile...
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