Topics: Gender, Family, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: September 9, 2013
I. Issues and Challenges the Transgender Advocacy is facing
Transgender advocacy has been in the Philippines for quite some time, but still the advocacy has not escalated into something more than promotion. Many organizations have emerged through the years to fight for the rights and protection of transpinays, despite it all the government has failed to give the transgender community what they need.

The main mission of transgender organizations is to focus on the issues that the transgender community face and to act as a support group. But such organizations for transgender advocacy face roadblocks and issues themselves. The transgender community faces inimitable challenges- from discrimination, acceptance from their social contacts to legal protection of their human rights and well being. Transgender community has been battling numerous challenges from all levels- family, school, work, friends, health and the legislative level. II. Masculinity in the Philippines

In a patriarchal society like the Philippines, being male is enclosed with certain gender stereotypes and ideologies. Filipinos believe that when one is born male their actions, traits and characteristics are of the masculine side. If men exhibit behaviours that are considered unmanly they are automatically labelled as “bakla” or gay.

Masculinity in the Philippine context defined mostly in terms of traits and characteristics; and roles and responsibilities. A masculine male is said to be strong, economic-provider, and “macho”. Mostly men who do not display such traits are subjected to foul comments from their families and the community and are perceived to be gay.

III. From Familial to Societal Issues
Many transpinays have experienced abandonment and isolation from their family when they came out as transgender. One factor that contributes to the non-recognition of their identity here in the Philippines is “macho” culture. This macho culture was instilled to the Filipinos....
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