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Centro Escolar University
An Undergraduate School
Presented to
Ms. E. Cajayon
Centro Escolar University

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Vlairene J. BracamonteFerdinand Ken Banson
Rynyll Dyx G. BernalAce H. Magat
Edlloyd R. Panim
The Problem and Its Background

Centro Escolar University is one of the schools that are supporting the program for operational improvement and this is the 7S. The 7S stands for Sort, Sweep, Systematize, Standardize, Safety, Security, and Self- Discipline. The common problems that are encountered by the students are time management, being disorganized, productivity, and attitude problem. Implementing the 7S to Centro Escolar University will be a big help on the students to improve. As it helps them apply the 7S in their attitude make them organized and improve everything they do.

Implementation of 7S to the students will greatly improve the students’ problems. This can help them motivate to do things better and can boost their confidence.
7S is posted in every building in Centro Escolar University, this is to remind the students to practice and apply the 7S in everything they do.
The researchers are future BSHRM graduates. They feel that 7S are very appropriate to their future career. In this reason why they were obliged to assess the knowledge and practices of 7S among third year HRM students of Centro Escolar University. Background of the Study

This study is focused on 7S and if the third year HRM students know how to use 7S and if they are applying the 7S in their laboratory exercises and in their daily routine. The researchers have conducted the survey about the 7S by giving questionnaires to the HRM third year students.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to find out how do third year level Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management of Centro Escolar University implement and follow the 7S during laboratory exercises.
Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What was the profile of the respondents in terms of:
2.1. Name
2.2. Age
2.3. Gender
2. What are the practices of the third year BSHRM students with regard to 7S? 3. What is the knowledge of the third year BSHRM students with regard to 7S? 4. How do the respondents apply the 7S in their laboratory exercises? 5. What is the importance of 7S inside the laboratory?

Objective of the Study
The objective of the study is to know if the third year HRM students are applying the 7S in their laboratory exercises.

Assumption of the Study
This study is based on the assumption of the respondents that are truthful and honest in answering the survey questionnaire.
At the end of the study, the readers will have knowledge about the importance of 7S. This study will also give information not only to the respondents but also to other students, employees, faculty staff, and future researchers.

Significance of the Study
This study will help the readers gain knowledge about the importance of 7S. It will also help them to be organized on their daily work.
This study will also be beneficial to the students, faculty members, and school employees. This can also help the future researchers; it will help them expand their knowledge about 7S practices and add more details on their future studies.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
The study is focused on the 7S and if the respondents applying it within the food laboratory. The number of respondents was limited to 40 persons only because the school only has 4 sections open from the third year HRM students.

Conceptual framework
- Implementing the 7S
- being organize
- Proper time management
* Students
* Faculty Staff
* Employee...
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