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Pangarap High School was established in 1976. It was formerly known as Pangarap Barangay High School and located in Narra Avenue, Pangarap Village Caloocan City. The School, Pangarap High School is a favorite training ground of OIC’s [Officers in-charge] and Master Teachers who are now promoted to principal’s position and successfully doing well to the school where they are presented assigned. The pillars of this school are silent witnesses to those teachers and student who now work in the foreign lands and become successful breadwinners to their families. Indeed the school is far from modernization, unlike other schools which stand tall, have expanded has no problem over ownership of land, yet this school has remain a strong foundation to mould and develop future leaders. Today, the school has a total to 1,970 students and undisputedly recognized as a pioneer and leader in the academe, zealously strived for the best and sound education for the generation of times.

1.1 Background of the Problem
The problem of the Pangarap High School Guidance Office is how they handle the violations and absenteeism of the students since it is in a manual system. They uses logbook for getting information once a student has commit violation. The logbook consists of a field which is the date, name, year and section, violations and his promise not to do it again. The guidance teacher makes a narrative report and kept the record on the brown envelope and put it on a filing cabinet. It consumes much time to search previous violation and cannot easily determine if this record still exists just because of unorganized record and more violators every day. There are some instances that some records are lost and cannot produce an accurate report. 1.2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology

The current state of technology of Pangarap High School Guidance Office is in a manual system and paper environment. The client still used a logbook for recording...
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