Topics: José Rizal, Ateneo de Manila University, Spain Pages: 4 (960 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Rizal Enters the Ateneo
* On June 10, 1872, Jose together with Paciano went to Manila to grant their father’s wish of enrolling Jose in San Juan de Letran. * Jose Rizal took the entrance examination and passed them. * Upon his return to Manila Jose together with Paciano ,matriculated at the Ateneo Municipal. * Father Magin Ferrando refuse to admit him for two reasons.

Jesuit System of Education
* The Jesuits priests administered Ateneo.
* Students were trained to develop their character by rigid discipline and religious instruction. * The students were required to hear the morning mass before the beginning of the daily mass. Classes were opened and closed with prayers. * The students were divided into two, the internos (boarders) and the externos (non-boarders). * The former was assigned as the “Roman Empire” and the latter, the ‘Carthaginian Empire’. * They had their distinctive banners, red for the Romans and blue for the Carthaginians. * The two empires were in regular competition for supremacy in the class. Rizal’s First Year in Ateneo (1872-1873)

* Jose Rizal belonged to the class composed of Spaniards, meztizos and Filipinos. * His first teacher was Fr. Jose Bech.
* At the end of month Rizal became emperor and received a prize, a religious picture. * He took private lessons in Santa Isabel College during the noon break.

Rizal’s Second Year in Ateneo (1873-1874)

* Jose Rizal repented having neglected his studies the previous year. * He studied harder this year and regained his leadership composure and became an emperor again. * At the end of the school year, he received excellent grades in all subjects and a gold medal

Rizal’s Third Year in Ateneo (1874-1875)
* Rizal did not make an excellent showing in his studies although, his grades remained excellent in all subjects. * He won a single medal in Latin.
* He failed to win a medal in Spanish because his spoken Spanish was...
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