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A Research Paper
Presented to the Faculty of the
College of Computer Studies
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Main Campus
Santa Cruz, Laguna

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology




The piece of work is enthusiastically dedicated by the researchers to the following who served as their inspiration on the completion of this study. To Almighty God;
The researcher’s parents;
Mr. Armando delos Reyes and Mrs. Perfecta delos Reyes and Family; Mr. Apolinar Fuellas Jr. and Mrs. Noemi Fuellas and Family;
Mr. Jerson Ramirez and Mrs. Luisa Ramirez and Family;
To the College of Computer Studies members;
To their friends; and to all
BS Information Technology Students.
Thank you very much.

The Researchers D.R.F.D.R

The researchers would like to express their deepest appreciation to the following that helped them in the completion of their study. Almighty God, for his guidance, undying and unconditional love, for the strength, knowledge and all the graces that he has showered them; The Family, who have been there all the time, supporting them morally and financially; Dr. Nestor M. De Vera, president of Laguna State Polytechnic University for the inspiring deeds. The faculty members of College of Computer Studies for the support, ideas and thoughts about the system, and for providing them information that they need for their study; Mrs. Wilma R. Maglapuz, who stood as their thesis adviser for always inspiring them while sharing knowledge and during the completion of this study; Dean of College of Computer Studies, Prof. Ronaldo S. Maglapuz for his selfless support; BS Information Technology 3C class 2011-2012 and 4C class 2012- 2013 for genuine support, ideas and suggestions; Their friends who supported them during the study, to their special friends for becoming the inspiration and strength, and lastly their client, Caliraya Builders Construction Company who supported their study.



The Caliraya Builders Website and Record Management System was developed for the company, clients and other people to view information about the company and do their duties in a systematic way. It will help them to view basic information about some specific data and it will serve as a guide when someone is finding a contractor.

The study aimed to develop the performance of Caliraya Builders Website and Record Management System as a tool to provide and security to take advantages of Information System. Specifically the objectives are:1) to plan and analyze the Caliraya Builders Website and Record Management System; 2) to design and develop the Caliraya Builders Website and Record Management System that is appropriate for the users; and 3) to implement and evaluate the performance of the developed system. The method used in this study was the developmental research method which described when certain variables are controlled and manipulated. The focus was on variable relationships. Deliberate manipulation was always a part of the developmental method.

The development of the system was obtained with System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
Visual Basic Express 2008, MySQL, Crystal Report, Adobe Photoshop and PHP are used in creating the website and systems. Visual Basic Express 2008 was the programming tools for the program of the system, MySQL used as databases, Adobe Photoshop was used for editing photos as well as the background of the said system and PHP was used in creating the website.

There were twenty (20) respondents who allowed the researchers to evaluate the website and system, among them were ten (10) officials of Caliraya Builders and ten (10) Caliraya Builders customers.

The use of...
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