Thermodynamics of the Dissolution of Borax

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CHEM 212 Laboratory - Dissolution of Borax
Formal Lab Report Instructions
Title Page: Experiment title, your name and partner name, course and section number, date, Signed honor code statement, and abstract. I (your name here) pledge that this assignment has been completed with accordance to the George Mason University Honor Policy as well as the policy set by the course. This work is my own and bears no resemblance to any other student's work (past or present). x__(Signature)______

Materials and Chemicals
Raw Downloaded Data
Calculated Data for each temperature:
moles of HCl
moles of borax
concentration of borax
ΔG- using both equations (A and B!)
Sample calculations - calculations of your data alone for all of the items listed above  Graph
lnK vs 1/T
Show a trendline and provide the R2 value
Determine ΔH (kJ/mol) and ΔS (J/mol K) from the graph
Printing Tables:
 Large tables should be printed in the landscape mode and sometimes it might be necessary to go to “page setup” and select “Fit to 1 page” to make the page fit on one page.  Include column and row headings on the printout so that the instructor can more easily understand equations used. This can be done by going to File → Page Setup → Sheet tab → Select “Row and Column Headings”. Discussion: In your discussion section address the following questions:  Why is it unnecessary to precisely measure the amount of solid borax used? (This answer should be greater than 3 sentences in length!)  Should Ksp vary with temperature? Does it? Why or why not?  Does the graph of ln (Ksp) v. 1/T have any deviating values? If so why? What could be the sources for these errors?  Discuss the logic behind the determination of ΔH and ΔS.
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