Thermal Decomposition

Topics: Calcium carbonate, Heat, Mass Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: February 9, 2014
To investigate the rate of thermal decomposition of CaCO3 at different temperatures.

Research Question
How does temperature influence the rate of thermal decomposition in CaCO3?

Every time more heat is added to the element, CaCO3, thermal decomposition will take place faster because the heat is a catalyst which speeds up the reaction.

Dependent Variables → Mass of Calcium Carbonate
Independent Variables → Temperature
Controlled Variables → Calcium Carbonate

Use the same temperature for each trial.
To make the experiment more accurate.
Change in mass of CaCO3 upon heating
Using a mass balance accurate to 2 decimal places, CaCO3 will be weighed at 1g, 2.5g, 4g, 5.5g, and 7g - 2 decimal places gives an accurate measure, necessary due to small changes in mass being observed. - Measuring every 2 minutes allows for the reaction to have progressed CV

Amount of calcium carbonate
Use the same temperature for each trial.
To make the experiment more accurate.


- one
- able to decide the temperature
Calcium Carbonate
- 20g
Safety Goggles
- for safety
- everyone nearby have them one
Lab Coat
- for safety
- keeps dangerous splashes from causing harm
- everyone involved in experiment must have one on
- one
- in order to heat substance up without cracking
- one pair
- to keep from burning yourself when picking up the crucible to weigh the new substance Electric Mass Scale
- to weigh the substance before and after in order to make a conclusion Hot Pad
- to keep warm crucible on when not in use

1. Weigh crucible and record mass
2. Add one gram of calcium carbonate to the crucible. Record mass 3. Turn burner onto
4. Put crucible with one gram of calcium carbonate onto the burner 5. Leave there with burner on for 10 minutes in order for thermal decomposition to take place

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