Therese Raquin

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Chapter 1 & 2
1. By this statement the writer means to say that as she studies the temperaments instead of the character, study will be in more detail. 2.
Therese| Camille|
YoungSeriousIron constitutionInside: * Passion * Joy * Anger * To run * Wild animalOutside: * Silent * Indifferent * Lost in thought * Impressions of calmness * Motionless| FeverSufferingSicknessStruggleIgnorantEmptyEgotisticSpindlyS


Chapter 3, 4 & 5
4. Madame Raquin is very protective of her son, Camille because she has saved him from several illnesses. She tries to keep the family together, for example when Camille wants to go to Paris; Mme. Raquin takes care of everything in order to stay a ‘happy family’. She feels she has Camille’s future in her hands because she has arranged Camille and Therese’s marriage. Even though she feels this way, her son still gets his way by moving to Paris which shows that she does not have much power in their family. She was also the person who brought Camille and Therese together. At the first instant, Mme. Raquin seems invisible and neutral but we realize that she has more power in the ‘family’ than Therese. Mme. Raquin’s wishes are listed on pg. 16, which also shows us the role she plays in this book. 5. In chapter 4, Zola introduces the principle of the Thursday domino nights. Like promised, he studies Therese’s character and how she sits their miserably and depressed. Therese’s state of mind lets the readers feel sympathy for her as we can imagine the boring and pointless event this must have been for her but at the same time we await something good to happen. The direct contrast with chapter 5, where Therese is immediately interested in this event, Zola portrays the curiosity and the hope that Therese feels when seeing Laurent. This direct change in mood, hints to the readers that something else is going to happen between Therese and Laurent. For example, in chapter 4, “ Thursday evenings were torture for her and she often complained [...] sit by idly and half asleep” (p.24) and comparing this to what Therese thinks of Thursday evenings in chapter 5, “The young woman was staring at him intently [...] gathered into herself; she was listening” (p.29-30). This clearly shows that Therese is interested in what Laurent has to say and this will prepare the readers for what is to come and what will happen between Laurent and Therese. 6. For the first time, Therese seems interested in the Thursday evening conversations, which is only due to Laurent’s presence. Therefore, his presence has a direct influence on Therese. His past-life stories make Therese “motionless” and extremely interested especially when he talks about the models he used for his painting. Zola sums up the effect Laurent has on Therese on pg.30 when saying, “The young man’s sanguine nature, his resonant voice, his hearty laughter and the sharp, strong smells that he emitted disturbed the young woman and plugged her into a kid of nervous anxiety”. This shows to what extent Laurent influenced and had a direct effect on Therese’s state of mind that evening. The description on pg.27 seems a bit exaggerated which has been done in order to portray the importance and the image he portrays to Therese. The description is a very clear contrast to Camille’s description; Laurent is described as “a real man” , “strong and fresh-faced” and “powerful”. This exaggeration and enumeration illustrates the young and bold image he portrays in order to catch the readers attention and that of Therese. This also justifies the reason why Therese is so curious and intrigued by his presence.

Chapter 6, 7&8
7. This quote, immediately after Laurent’s encounter with Therese, show us that Laurent is prepared to have an affair with his friends ‘wife’. Laurent thinks of Therese as an experiment or in any case he does not expect to fall in love with her. This also portrays and justifies Laurent’s...
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