There Is a Time and Place for Censorship

Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 6, 2008
A few would disagree with this statement, but I think that this is an actual true statement. Censorship in the world is used for many specific reasons. Both reasons are in when and where to censor such as for privacy, classified groups, or hidden relations with something.

Privacy is one reason is a really obvious to everyone. Everyone wants privacy from anyone such as the government, people, or the world. The law says that privacy is a law and if broken then there is going to be serious consequences. Fines, jail time, relocation, or all may be given which people really do not want to get those. So the media has the ability to censor anything from the person’s or from someone’s permission.

Classified groups, such as the CIA, are so censored that they are not to be identified publicly or in the general public. Many groups are not allowed to be shown in any form to anyone around the world because it is huge secret to reveal. If in case one should be revealed then that person can not participate in any activities in the future or in other words is fired. Some are so secret that if they, the group participate, in a big event or thing, they have to be eliminated or else they will be penalized.

Family members have the power to say that the person that they know in the media has to be censored. For the reason that they do not want others to know who he or she is and why or what reason that person has to do with anything that just happened. Members can disappointed or embarrassed from that a person they know is either being nationally or internationally televised through a broadcasting news station.

We, as the people, have a great right to have privacy as in living in a house, having a savings or checking account, or privately buying a dog, Everyone will not know about a single thing about you, unless you are publicly televised or broadcasted through a nation or the whole world. No one has the right to break into a house, steal money or a valuable thing, hack...
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