There Is Nothing That Younger Generation Can Teach the Older One

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There is nothing that younger generation can teach the older one

Even though it seems that the older generation knows everything, the youth can still teach something new, because they can instruct elder in the subject of new technology, culture life and provide with incentive new ideas. First of all, the youth helps the elder with the technology of 21 century, such as different technical gadgets as laptops, IPhones, IPods, banks machine or techniques for housework and other. For example, my mom was always bothering my brother about how to work with a computer (sometimes it was really funny to watch how she was afraid of clicking the mouse). After some mild lessons, not only she knew how to work with Microsoft Office, but also did she know about how to register on such social network as «Odnoklasnyky». Secondly, a lot of people met such problem as generation gap, which is caused by lack of communication between young and older members of a family that is why the younger generation can instruct the older in aspect of youth culture, in order to solve the problem. As an example, there was a program on TV, where a grandfather and his grandson were banjo jumping together, whereas the grandfather was about 60 years old. And now he is going to climb a mountain in China because of the grandson’s influence. Eventually, the youth learn really fast and they are full of exciting ideas and enthusiasm as well, thus they aspire to be successful other people. For instance, there was a boy who at the age of 10 built a music player called the Synapse Media Player that used artificial intelligence to learn the user's listening habits. Microsoft tried to purchase Synapse, but he denied. Now everyone knows Mark Zuckerberg, who at the age of 20, created the social networking site Facebook. And now he reads lectures for those people who are much older than he is. On the whole, the thought that older generation has nothing to learn from younger generation is false. There will be

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