. There Has Been a Nuclear War. You Are One of the Few Surviving People on Earth. Describe Ur Situation. What Kind of New World Would You Try to Build?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Middle Ages, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: August 7, 2006
Nuclear war is something that we have all heard about. It seems to be overdramatized in movies. But perhaps the movies are right. Maybe we are on the brink of a chasm so dark and ominous that it drowns out all faith and light. A nuclear holocaust occurring would wipe out all of civilization as we know it. We would be essentially thrown into a dark age. Never in the history of the world has there been such a dramatic event, but that does not mean that it cannot happen.

"Once we all lived in peace, but when technology increased we went to war." If humans followed a set system like that we would have already destroyed one another. Perhaps we have already in the past. Perhaps nuclear power is what will bring us back to the dark ages. This is a topic that has concerned the world for many years. But I fear that too few people are paying heed to the threat of nuclear war.

Although a nuclear war seems like something that will never happen in our lifetime, it is actually much more eminent that you might think.

But, disaster struck!

A war between all of the nuclear power started. As the atomic bombs are very dangerous, the atomic powers dropped bombs on each other countries, which destroyed most of the population on earth. The buildings and the infra-structure was destroyed. Crops were destroyed and the farmers were dead. I could see lots of dead bodies lying on the everywhere. I was one of the few surviving people. Everything was destroyed, my friends, my family and everything. I was in a state of confusion, and was thinking "HOW I SURVIVED?" Considering the above mentioned consequences of a nuclear war, it would be my endeavor to build up a world free of all kind of weapons, where people could live in peace and harmony and without fear of injustice.
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