There be Dragons

Topics: Sound, Military, Loudspeaker Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: February 27, 2014
PLOP! PLIP! PLOP! PLIP! The rhythmic sound of the water drops slowly dripping from the overhead furs and willows of this swamp adding to the monotony of this place a consistent frequency. So monotonous and so boring has the last few weeks been at this old castle. My revolutionary band has been assigned to defend this position from the Russians. However, for the last three months we have not even seen a military convoy or a movement of even a half-track. Just silence with the sounds of birds and frogs chirping. I finally had enough, I had to leave the base; but this has only added to my dreariness because it has made me realize that the world was colorless and common which made me realize that this monotony was not the castle but the whole swamp. This shore is on the river that feeds the ancient moat of the castle. The trees around the river are tall and ancient seeming to have never seen the modern world and they do not seem to care. The river is so dull; flowing only slightly, yet there is no pond scum on it. I wish that it did, the lack of the scum only adds to the monotony of the swamp with the lack of the bright green scum on the top. The weeds are dead and brown the sky can be described only as a dull thin sheet of crumpled white. From my position, I can see the southern keep, a tall dull gray pillar that protrudes from the tree line, a tall dull grey pillar that protrudes from the fork in sick looking oak. I can only imagine the guards asleep with their military uniforms loosened in an unconscious stare, caused by the monotonous boredom, which may never be broken. The military in the castle probably do not even realize I am gone. A sharp cool feeling on the back of my neck causes me to look up and realize the origin of the sudden feeling. There was a gust of wind that caused the raindrops on the trees to loosen their grip on the leafs. I need to get heading back before I am found being a deserter not that I would care. Life is pointless with this war and...
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