Thera Trust: Person-Centered Approach

Topics: Person, Individual, Change Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: September 22, 2015
Unit 17
2.1 Support others to work with individuals to establish their history, preferences, wishes and needs? In order to fully implement a person centred approach it is necessary that all staff working within Thera Trust understand the principles of person centred practice. Within our Day opportunities service I encourage staff to work alongside service users who they may not support on a regular basis, I feel it is important for everyone to feel confident in getting to know all of our individual’s needs, wishes and preferences. We also have specific keyworker lists in which named staff are able to support individuals on a 1 to 1 basis to attend any meetings regarding the persons care package or service provision. Part of the role of a key worker is to update support / care plans and add any new information or changes. As a manager it is important to support new staff in the workplace and it is paramount that staff are given the time to read through all information relevant to supporting individuals, the use of observations are also helpful as we do tend to support a large diverse group of people who at times have shown some complex or challenging behaviours towards others, all staff need to know how best to support individuals in a person centred way. Annual reviews are held to discuss with individuals what is working/ not working in their lives and if they would like to change anything, usually a service user’s circle of support i.e family, friends and carers are invited along with their social worker if they have one and their Day service co- coordinator, by working in partnership we are more likely to have a clearer understanding of the individuals goals and aspirations. Within Thera Trust all staff have relevant training and this has included sessions with Speech and Language therapists who have run several sessions on signing, use of symbols and Makaton we have also looked at sensory interaction techniques to benefit individuals who require a...
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