Theory of Traditional Chinese Social Structure

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Theory of traditional Chinese social structure which is called the “Differential Mode” by professor Fei which comes from the blood differential, used in social relations. Among it, there is a basis for designated "community circle". This "community circle" not only from the overall pattern of differential mode which divided into "inner" and "outer ring". This closeness of the two most obvious, impact on people's social interaction is very huge, but also evolved into a concept of culture, exists in the traditional groups and even the contemporary China as an important feature of the social structure.          

        Differential mode and relationship mode
Professor Fei's "Differential Mode", initially developed from the biological differential. But because traditional Chinese groups have a strong sense of identity of blood, causing the groups naturally transformed into patterns of social relations between.          

        1. Differential Mode
Professor Fei, with the perspective from the social relations of traditional Chinese social structure, and thus invented "Differential Mode". He believes that the social structure of traditional Chinese is "like a stone thrown into the water launch waves of circles. Every man is his introduction to the social impact of the center of the circle. By pushing the circle and the wave of the The contact took place. "the tightness of contact between people, but also with the two in this" corrugated circle "to determine the distance in the distance. That is, between a person and Relationships of others, like the ripples of water as to themselves as the center, "introduced to a circle, the more push farther and also push more thinner." ② Prof. Fei the traditional Chinese "differential pattern" with the West "group pattern" were compared, and further clarified the structure of traditional China. In his view, Western society "is often formed by a number of one group of people. Groups there is a certain limit, and who is the group where people, who are groups of people outside, not vague, we must distinguish. The people in the group a group, the relationship between the groups is the same, if the same group or class in the respective groups, it is first required. "③ pattern in this group, the members are equal, so there is no similar blood the natural contact and poor, everyone is talking about the rights and obligations. If a member for less than their rights, or not doing the minimum obligations, are likely to leave the group. "They are not human in the hot and cold, but of rights. In Western society is the right fight, and it is climbing in our relationship, about friendship." ④ compared with the differential pattern, the pattern of functional groups relatively simple. For example, the Western family will be in business matters very little, the main function is to birth children. "Children in this group is supporting, they grew up and became to leave the group. In their political, economic, religious and other groups to undertake other functions, not in the family since the beginning." And "family home in China law, may owe respect and affection between couples, women with three criteria from the four virtues, parents and children pay attention to responsibility and obedience. " ⑤ even getting married adult children had to live away from their parents do not give board and lodging is very common.          

Of course, this analysis is Professor Fei Xiaotong, China's society in terms of the main structure, not to say that China's rural society there is no "group." "Similarly, in western modern society, the same pattern of differential exists, but relatively unimportant nothing more." In fact, these two patterns of the basic form of social structure ", can be capable of distinguishing between the concept, in fact on the often coexist, but each side can see the winning nothing more. "The reason to conduct such a distinction and emphasis," because this distinction can...
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