Theory of Knowledge: Emotion and Knowledge

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1.How important are emotions to our purposes?
Extremely important. If we had no emotion, then what is the reason to live, or do anything purposeful, if no sense of achievement, happiness has occurred.
2.Would we seek knowledge, or even be capable of knowledge, without purposefulness? In media programs, it has been hinted at the possibility of aliens who have no feeling, but have the purpose to conquer, or some other objective. As such,

3.How do our feelings affect our perceptions? Try to think of situations where emotions can alter the way we perceive an object, a situation or a person.

4.Are emotions irrational? Consider the different ways emotion and reason are connected. Emotions are rational, as certain feelings of emotion, come from reason. For example, if someone steals your car, you would have hate against them, due to the reason of your hard earned money going to waste, and that solution is rationalised through the use of reason

5.Would we have an ethical awareness - a conscience - without emotion? No, without emotion, we would not have a conscience, as emotion is what fuels our conscience. If we did not feel guilt, or regret after say, killing another human being (in most circumstances) we would have no problem doing so.

6.Do different cultures develop different emotional habits
Yes, as due to what they do, they have more of a tendency to a particular emotion, however it is not extremely drastic, as to the point where different cultures always feel a particular emotion, or do not feel a particular emotion.

7.Give three examples of emotions as sources of important knowledge. Feeling towards a person - You use your feelings about a person, to get knowledge about them Emotional views upon the world - You use your emotion to gather a belief upon the world, and this can come from our emotion, which leads into knowledge Emotional views upon objects - You use your emotion to bring forth knowledge and attachment towards an object....
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