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Friedrich Frobel

Frobel was born on the 21st April 1782 in a village called Oberweissbach. At the age of 10 years old Frobel was taught to work, the first job he had was to make a list of trees, his work brought him up to be strong and built up his muscles. Working taught him many things such as how to draw, to describe, to decide and a few other things. Frobel soon went for a job in architecture because of his knowledge of map-making and surveying. Frobel then applied for a teaching job in which he was accepted to. He then opened a children’s school and named it kindergarten, and opened several of these kindergartens.
Friedrich had the “theory of play” Frobel believed that children need to be physically active and experience play for themselves. Songs with actions and rhymes were then introduced and he thought outdoor play was also important for children to experience. He created kindergartens everywhere for children to come and experience different kinds of play.
This theory has been put into settings today by choice of play such as outdoor play which include riding on bikes, doing hopscotch etc. they have a choice to draw and paint, which can put their imagination in their artwork. They do nursery rhymes using their bodies to do the actions to the nursery rhymes. This is how Frobel’s theory of play is in settings today.

Maria Montessori

Montessori was born in Italy on the 31st august 1870. She had attended a technical school until 1886, from then she attended Regio Instituto Technico Leonardo da Vinci, where she studied modern languages and natural sciences. After she had graduated, she decided that she wanted to go to medical school, however they usual didn’t except women because they believe women were not capable. She was eventually accepted into a medical school by the help of Pope Leo XIII. She was also the first women to graduate from medical school in Italy.
Maria believed that children have a desire to learn about the world around them and

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