Theorist Paper

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Theorist Paper

Theorist Paper
Noam Chomsky
His work and theories

Theorist Paper 2
In this paper I will explore some of Noam Chomsky theories and try to explain some of the pros and cons. I will attempt to supply the reader with an image of Noam Chomsky contributions and lastly include my own perspective on his theories.

Theorist Paper 3
Noam Chomsky
We must first get to know the man. We will keep this short but I always find it interesting to learn a little back ground first. Noam Avram Chomsky was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 7, 1928. He received his early education at Oak Lane Country Day School and Central High School, Philadelphia. He continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy. In 1955, he received his Ph. D. from the University of Pennsylvania; however, most of the research leading to this degree was done at Harvard University between. Since receiving his Ph. D., Chomsky has taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he now holds the Ferrari P. Ward Chair of Modern Language and Linguistics. Noam was married to Carol Schatz on December 24, 1949 and has two children. Between 1945 and 1950 Chomsky was a student at the University of Pennsylvania and began his study of linguistics. During this time, he proofread Zellig Harris’s Methods in Structural Linguistics and developed a sympathy for Harris’s ideas on politics. He was also a student of Nelson Goodman, the radical-empiricist philosopher. In 1951, he accepted nomination by Goodman as a Junior Fellow to Harvard University. In 1953, Chomsky traveled to Europe. En route, he resolved that his attempt to formalize structural linguistics would not work because language was a highly abstract generative phenomenon, determined that his further work should concern models...

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