Theories on Blue's Clues

Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Theories on Blue’s Clues
This paper will cover the episode of Blue’s Clues, “Color’s everywhere”. The host for Blue’s Clues is Joe; he presents the audience with puzzles. They also included Blue, the animated dog; he help’s the audience to solve the puzzle. Blue leaves behind a series of clues, which are objects marked with one of her blue paw prints. The camera moves left-to-right like reading a story book. In between the discovery of the clues, Joe plays a series of mini-puzzles games with the audiences that are related to the overall puzzle. As the program unfolds, Joe and Blue move from one animated set to another, jumping through magical doorways, leading viewers on a journey of discovery. At the end of the story, Joe returns to the living room, where he sits down in a comfortable chair to think, in Blue's Clues, this known as the “Thinking Chair”. Joe thinks over Blue's three clues and attempts to come up with his answer having the audience participate to help him figure it out. In this program the audience needs to help figure out what other pal Blue wants to put in her portrait that she has been painting. In Blue’s Clue children’s stories are being told through pictures and they present the information from multiple perspectives in real world contexts. They use places and objects that children are familiar with during the program, by keeping it simple and age-appropriate. Blue’s Clues also uses active participation instead of passive viewing, this keeps the children intellectually and behaviorally active during the show. The creators of Blues clues use their knowledge of cognitive thinking and development to create a program that would entertain and teach children. This show is catered toward children ages 3 to 7. Blue’s Clue enables children to use critical thinking for problem solving, but at the same time keeping it fun and enjoyable. Blues Clues also uses the narrative format to effectively help children's minds develop. The program Blue's Clues...
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