Theories Of Value Hedonism

Topics: Ethics, Utilitarianism, Morality Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: October 8, 2015

According to Bentham and Mill, happiness is totally established by experiences of pleasure and unhappiness is form of experiences of pain or displeasure (Timmons, 2014, p. 8). So, value hedonism is the philosophical doctrine in terms of explaining their theory of intrinsic value. Pleasure and pain are the only important elements of the hedonistic theory of value. The theory of value hedonism states that all pleasure is intrinsically valuable, and nothing but pleasure has intrinsic positive value. However, all and only pain is not valuable in the way that pain has intrinsic negative value. The value hedonist indicates that some positive value is recognized only when it adds to draw out about what has intrinsic value. The reason is that any positive...

The next day, he suffered from a terrible hangover and a physical fatigue. Perhaps he felt pleasure while he was drinking, but heavy drinking resulted in undesirable consequences. On the basis of value hedonist saying that pleasure is internal and conscious, hence pleasure cannot be derived from intrinsically valuable experiences without consciousness. However, in the above example, the person would have felt pleasure, even if he lost consciousness because of heavy drinks. Therefore, value hedonism is false because pleasure is not the only one source of value. Honestly, we cannot specifically determine what kind of source of value draws intrinsic pleasure. It is not correct to say that any valuable experience without consciousness is not intrinsically pleasure. For example, some people think smoking brings pleasure in the way of relieving stress. Even smokers know that smoke is not good for health, but they feel satisfaction and happiness while smoking. Smoking seems intrinsically valuable experience, but, according to value hedonism, is not. It is hard to tell a particular experience is related to intrinsic value or just instrument value. Drug addiction is also considered as same thing like...
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