Theories of Gerontology

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JUAN DELA CRUZ, 75, Widower

Mr. J. is a self-made man. He is the eldest male of his family of 14 (from legal family, while 6 from another family). His family owned vast amount of land in Bicol. But as typical province-based families, they were not sent to school to study but were instead taught to till the family land.

Mr. J. married at 22 and proved himself capable of earning for his growing family. Four years after the birth of his youngest daughter, he and his wife decided to move to Manila. It was a difficult move but for the sake of the family he did everything.

He found a job in a big construction company and developed carpentry skill. Soon enough he was in charge of the large group of people who depended on his skills not only in carpentry but in other areas as well.

He never depended on his father’s land for family income. He made sure that every centavo that he spends comes from his own sweat.

To some, Mr. J. is a difficult man. He does not listen to explanations and always sees his judgments to be correct. He was over protective of his daughters and all he wanted is for them is to finish school so that they could get a good job.

True to his wish, his daughters finished their respective studies and have established their careers in their fields of study. Life for Mr. J. became better as his burden in sending his daughters to school lessened. Also, his daughters one by one had married and started their own families.

The Journey to Golden Years

Retirement was a much-awaited rest after working all his life. Mr. J. felt he had done everything possible to provide a decent life to his family. All his daughters had grown up and now have their respective families. It is time to take things easy.

As Mr. J. was used to working hard, his early days of retirement were not easy. The routines he was used to doing for so many years were not easy to change. He felt he had to have projects at home to keep him strong.

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