Theories of Communication

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Q.1: Briefly explain the three theories of communication suggested by Mary Munter. Ans: There is no simple, generally accepted definition for the word ‘communication’. Different users may define it according to their interpretation. The following definition is defined by Mary Munter that "The process of sharing by which messages produces responses" are called communication. In a business or management, a brilliant message alone is not sufficient: you are successful only if your message leads to the response you desire from your audience. Therefore, instead of visualizing communication as a straight line from a sender to a receiver, think of communication as a circle. To get that desired audience response, you need to think strategically about your communication before you start to write or speak. Three theories of Communication:

Communication is a process in which information flows from one individual to one or more individuals. This definition will be modified to give a clearer picture of the process. Throughout the Kit, the discussion focuses on communication in the business context. The person sending the information is called the ‘sender’. The person who receives it is called the ‘receiver’. The sender first converts an idea into meaningful information. Through different media such as a telephone or a piece of paper, the sender passes the information in the form of voice or image signals to the receiver. Upon receiving the signal, the receiver converts it back to information. The basic components in a simple one-way communication model are: sender, information (in certain form and sent through a medium) and receiver. The following table shows some examples of the form of information and media: Table-1

Form of informationvoice signals, image signals such as texts, graphics, gestures, etc. Mediatelephones, letters, memorandums, electronic devices, etc.


One-way Communication

Consider the case where a prospective buyer faxes an...
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