Theoretical Framework in Nursing Process - Middle Range Nursing Theories

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Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice – Module 9

A. Perform an analysis/evaluation of Leininger’s theory using the criteria presented in module 4. How relevant is it to nursing?

Background of the Theorist
Madeleine Leininger was born on July 13, 1925 in Sutton, Nebraska. She earned several degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy, a Doctor of Human Sciences, a Doctor of Science, and is a Registered Nurse. She is a Certified Transcultural Nurse, a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing in Australia, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. (, retrieved April 25, 2012)

Philosophical underpinnings of the theory
Transcultural nursing is a comparative study of cultures to understand similarities (culture universal) and difference (culture-specific) across human groups. While working in a child guidance home I the mid-1950s, Leininger identified in the staff a lack of understanding of cultural factors (Basavanthappa, 2007). The theory was derived from the discipline of anthropology but she conceptualized the theory to be relevant in nursing.

Major assumptions, concepts, and relation
1. Illness and wellness are shaped by a various factors including perception and coping skills, as well as the social level of the patient. 2. Cultural competence is an important component of nursing. 3. Culture influences all spheres of human life. It defines health, illness, and the search for relief from disease or distress. 4. Religious and Cultural knowledge is an important ingredient in health care. 5. The health concepts held by many cultural groups may result in people choosing not to seek modern medical treatment procedures. 6. Health care provider need to be flexible in the design of programs, policies, and services to meet the needs and concerns of the culturally diverse population, groups that are likely to be encountered. 7. Most cases of lay illness have multiple causalities and may...

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