Theoretical Framework in Nursing Process - Caring Theories

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Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice – Module 8

A. Reflect on a case or situation from your personal practice or experience. Apply one of the theories to the situation. How does the perspective from the theory alter how you view the situation? Are the nursing interventions the same? Why or why not?

In a typical emergency department setup, caregivers deal with patients having acute cases, mostly involving pain or distress of some sort. In addition, patients undergoing treatment in this unit fall in a category known as “transient” – early in, early out. Because of these conditions, I have observed that the nurses in my area of responsibility have developed this notion that “nursing care” should be focused on the accomplishment of the emergency physician’s orders. While this is somewhat true, Jean Watson’s Interpersonal Theory of Caring has demonstrated that this perception only fulfills a portion of what holistic nursing care is all about.

Back when I was still relatively new in practicing bedside nursing in the emergency department, I too have been guilty of ignoring the other carative factors that my client needs. Having been rotated in a general nursing unit as well as in an intensive care unit before finally being assigned in ER, the new-found the conditions of the emergency setup has proven to be a convenient excuse not to perform the same level care expected of me compared with the expectations of care from my previous units. My belief was that, as long as I executed the doctor’s orders such as the initiation of an intravenous line and the administration of medication, I have already taken care of my patient. Every once in a while I try to go back to the patient’s room to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment I gave (e.g. pain has been relieved, temperature of a febrile patient has gone down) but that’s the extent of the care that I try to give. I began seeing patients as customers I have to dispatch as fast as I...
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