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Theology Study Guide

By boraas68 Sep 29, 2013 580 Words
Theology Study Guide


Doctrine of the Trinity- The teaching that says 3 distinct persons are one God. *Grounded in scripture: Don’t find direct evidence of the Trinity in scripture. Just hints of distinction between transcendent God and God among us.

Doctrine of Incarnation- The teaching that says the Son of God truly became human.

Doctrine of the Hypostatic Union- The teaching that says Jesus the Christ is one person fully divine and fully human. (Made at the council of Calcidon)

Doctrine of the Atonement- The teaching that says Jesus died for our sins. *3 Models- 1) St Paul’s image of ransom or redemption. Calls sin slavery. Slaves set free for a ransom. (Debt paid).
WEAKNESS: Because that would mean that Jesus is in debt to Satan. 2) Satisfaction Model: Offense against the honor of God. Debt paid to restore honor. 3) Model of Moral Example: Shows greatness of God’s love, fidelity onto our own death.

Doctrine of Original Sin- The teaching that says we inherit sinfulness in some way from our ancestors. Born with a weakness towards sin, and the need for God’s grace.

Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Body- The teaching that says our body and soul are meant to share everlasting life together.

Doctrine of the Church- Teaching that says God calls us not as people, but as one single person or community. The body of Christ. Necessary for salvation, structural institution, sign and salvation he calls all of us.

------Councils and Doctrines Created:

1) Council of Nicaea- created Homoousious, which is a teaching that says Jesus the Christ, is divine like the father.

Council of Constantinople- created the Divinity of the Holy Spirit

2) Council of Ephesus- created Theotokos, or God bearer. Name given to Mary because her son Jesus was both God and Man, divine and human.

3) Council of Calcidon- Created the Hypostatic Union, which is the teaching that says Jesus Christ is one person both fully divine and fully human.

-----Relationship between Jesus of history/ and Christ of Faith:


Jesus of History- Lived in Nazareth. Factual information can be proven.

Christ of Faith- The one who is our savior both human and divine.

-----Imminent and Economic Trinity:

Imminent: What are the relationships of father, son, & Holy Spirit to each other? Son begotten from

Economic: How God is revealed for salvation. What God does for us. Father sends Son & Holy Spirit, Son reveals Father, Holy Spirit opening eyes.

------Social and Psychological analogies:

Analogies- We use them because God is mystery, but not an excuse. Use Analogies to contemplate the mystery.
Ex) Family as the image of God; power of one = Love.


Sin- “An offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is a failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods.

Grace- Remedy to sin, God’s actions in our lives giving us the ability to overcome sin.

Logos- Used for the 2nd person in Trinity means “The word that came from God.”

Escotology- Study of four last things; death, resurrection, heaven, and hell.

Magisterium: The teaching authority of the Church
*People: Bishops in union with the Pope.

Lumen Gentium: Document of Vatican II on the Church

Eternal Destiny: To be in communion with God & one another in God. Contains our whole persons body & soul. Catholic Church believes that God wishes this for everyone. -----Placher: Three in one:

Theological Anthropology:
Branch of theology that is focused on the study of humankind.

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