Theology Semester Notes

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Theological Anthropology
Openness: to the world we get to move about creation, we are not stuck in a path like animals, animals are only created for a purpose. * Image: after the fall Vs. Likeness: after resurrection
Substantive: the image is a physical substance, the image that helps us relate to God. Relational: Community understanding instead of an individual. Functional: Merges both Substantive and Rational to make something bigger. Cristims: doesn’t exactly tell you where you will be at if you don’t follow gods plan. * SIN

Sin is accidental!! It is not how we are supposed to be, not how we were made. Unnatural, something that needs to be fixed, it against gods will. But it is not outside of gods will, god can use this and work with it to fulfill his plan. Judgement: both blessing and a curse. Blessing: we can still produce food and fruit and children. Curse: it is now painful and hard work. We also have natural disasters Pervasive depravity and spiritual inability

Miscoseption of Persavie depravity
It means we are thurely depraved
Non Christians do not have a concents (they can not destenct from good or evil) Non-Christians will do everything possibly bad
Non Christians are unable to do good
Spiritual Inability
If you are not a Christian and effected by your sin nature so that even when you do good it does not have “good moral” behind it We cant take the first steps, god has to work in us inorder for us to become Christians. We cannot change our selves, he has to change us Transmission of Sin

Adams sined as our representative and so now we are all guilty Types of Sin
Mortal vs. Venial
Biblical distinction
Missing the mark, the direction we are supposed tp be going, we’re not going (we are going the other direction) The Unpardonable Sin
5 points
Not the same as doubt
Cannot be committed by one who has not heard the gospel
Is a deliberate turning away from the grace of god
Excluded the possibility of repentance
If you fear you have committed it, then you have not.
Biblical Teachings
Angles: three groups of angles: individual angles (personal beings) differnet kind of angles their appearance varies on the different kind of angle you are dealing with, more human like or gods glory will shine through them, wearing white clothes of brilliance. Across the board not all angles have wings, only guy angles. Limited in their actions of what god wants them to do. Michael only identified Archangle. Sarfib: worships god, not talked about too much. Tarahbin: have wings, look like humans, have a special way of serving god. Angles praise and glorify god, reveal and communicate god message to humans “mary is being told she will have jesus”, minister to believers (guardian angles) mostly seperitual well beings of believers, seen as being the ones that take believers to heaven at death, execute judgement on the basis of god Group 1 “closest to god”

Thrones, cherubim, seraphim
Group 2 “ second closest to god”
Mights, dominions, powers
Group 3 “furthest away from god”
Principalities, archangels
Demons: were created by god for good but they sined and became evil. Saten means opponent to God and Christ. He is not Gods equal, not the same amount of power, still unable to defeat God. Posested by a demon: Unusual strength, acting in a bizarre fashion, self destruction behavior Demons

How is relates to our understanding of salvation
There is a high archy
Holy spirit can cause them to flee
Aren’t as powerful as god
Effects of sin
Condemnation: People start out at birth condemned
Sin nature/ sinful flesh: how we live our lives
Judgment: penalty for sin
Death: 3 tyoes of death physical, spitutal: not saved or saved, and eternal: after the final judgement Guilt/ bondage/ alienation: not being as holy as god, we still have to deal with our sin natures after we have sinned, we separate our selves from god and other people. (mask our sin or cover it up) Reformed Sin:...
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