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Course Title:Theology I - "Searching for God in the World Today"

0. Introduction
0.2 Our Search for God and Theology


Topic 0.2
Our Search for God and Theology

Objective: After this lesson, you will be able to explain the meaning, goals, and method of theology in AdU.



A. Student’s View of “Theology”
B. The Story of Maria

A. Students’ View of “Theology”

Let us first talk about the word “theology.”

|1) Have you heard the word “theology” before? |2) What comes up to your mind when the word |3) Do you think we should study or learn about| |When, where, and from whom? |“theology” is mentioned? |“theology”? Explain your answer. | | | | | | | | |

The English word “theology” comes from two Greek words: theos + logos. theos means “god”, and logos means “word,” “speech,” “thought” or “reason”. In simple terms, theology is “thinking about God” or “speaking of God.”


Many people think that “theology” is a big word, which only priests know and can speak about. They think that “theology” is something that is studied only in seminaries or known in churches. They think also that “theology” has nothing to do with everyday life or ordinary events by ordinary people like us. And those who studied “theology” think they are experts and majority of people are incapable of studying or learning “theology”. This gives an impression that “theology” is a difficult subject or something that many people are afraid of or indifferent about. Even AdU students think that “theology” is “just a minor subject or course” that should not be given importance. These views are valid, but are they correct?

B. The Story of Maria

Let us read a story of a student. Her name is Maria.

The Story of Maria
Maria is in second-year college student. She has been going through a rough time for months. The mid-term examinations are near but she has not paid her tuition fee in full. Her mother is a home-maker and his father is having a difficult time keeping up with the expenses of the family. This has caused her parents to quarrel many times because they cannot sustain the needs of the family. Maria is the eldest of five children; her parents decided that she and her two siblings will go to school, but her two youngest siblings will have to stop schooling this year. But even if Maria goes to school, she had to struggle to find ways to reach her school because her transportation allowance is small. Often, she would not eat breakfast and even lunch, because she hardly had money to spend for snacks or meals. Her teacher would notice that she is always tired or sleepy in class. Sometimes, she would not attend classes in order to do some small business to help her family. She would look at her classmates and can’t help feel envy that they are doing well in life and in their studies. With all that is happening, Maria feels heavy and she doubts if she could ever go finish her studies in the university. She has fun with her friends but when she’s alone, she feels lonely, tired, and afraid. Her friends say that God will help her go through; all that she has to do is to trust in God and pray to God. “God will provide for your needs,” they say. Deep inside however, Maria has full of questions about God. “If God is good and loving, why is this happening to my family?” Maria asks. “Why did God make us poor? Where is God in my difficulties and my parents’...
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