Theological Studies

Topics: Ethiopia, Ge'ez language, God Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Let me extend my heart felt salutation in the Name of Almighty God & His Mother St. Mary to you all brethren in Christ, Our Lord & Savior !

I am Tewodros Gebremariam Reda, graduate of Holy Trinity Theological College, one Of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church E.O.T.C., one of the ancient Church in our globe.
I stood first from all graduates of 2010 with cumulative G.P.A of 3.88., as you can see from my documents I have attached to this email. In addition to my previous Theological studies for 5 consecutive yrs, I studied E.O.T.C. traditional education like geez language, ancient language implemented in varied manuscripts & holy liturgy.In my previous Theological studies, We studied Greek ,Hebrew And Geez languages and I have earned good grades as well as a profound cognizance so as to exploit or implement my potential for further studies.Presently, Am pursuing my B.A for the second time in Addis Ababa University in Sociology starting from Sept2011 And my G.P.A as a fresh man was 3.94. And I need to join M.A program in Sociology, Social work, Public Administration, Theological Studies or any field related to these programs, if I am eligible with Theology

undergraduate level.

I have contacted Education USA center of USA embassy, Religious leaders, Churches & other organizations in my country for financial aid & informed that they don't offer financial aid on individual basis by embassies in country, scholarship providing international organizations & universities for M.A program studies in abroad.

I was accepted by Higher academic institutions in abroad, such as Toronto School of Theology( Canada), Charles Darwin Univ& Wollongong univ.(Australia), Tyndale Seminary(Texas), Leicester Univ(UK),but unable to join them on the account of my financial drawback to cover my tuition, living expense & accommodation service

I strongly need to join your university in the near future, be it 2012 or 2013. But I do lack financial resources to help my self in...
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