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Theodore Roosevelt's Inaugural Address Summary

By chrisd123456 Feb 23, 2014 297 Words

Theodore Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address
On September 6, 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo, New York. Theodore Roosevelt took over the presidency on September 14, 1901 in Buffalo. He did not give his inaugural address until 1905 when he would start his second term as president. He gave his speech in the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. In his speech, Theodore Roosevelt mainly spoke about how Americans should be pro-imperialism. He though it was every Americans duty to give other countries the same rights as they have. Roosevelt once said “Much has been given us, and much will rightfully be expected of us.” He is saying that every American should help out to try to spread the Democracy and Freedom that they received. He tells America that democracy is a great thing and some countries don’t have it, so it would be expected that the other countries would need assistance from America. He tries to convey that imperialism is helping another country out instead of taking it over. Roosevelt’s main goal in his speech was to get the people more involved with foreign affairs. He thought they needed to fulfill a duty and assist other countries in need of democracy. Throughout the whole address, Roosevelt is speaking to the general populace of America. He tells them the whole speech to become more involved in foreign affairs. Roosevelt’s Address was definitely effective. He made people realize that foreign affairs were a national interest. He was able to build the Panama Canal and was able to build the U.S. Navy to protect from future invaders from other countries. Roosevelt’s goal of foreign policies being dealt with by the people was accomplished due to the fact that the people became more involved with foreign affairs.

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