Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt

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Aaron Thomas
Mrs. McDermott
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4 March 2014
Roosevelt Squared
When comparing Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Theodore Roosevelt, some mistake them for close relations, due to the last name. However, these two men, who strived to be the best that they could be, are actually fifth cousins who share little heritage. Both of these men, though unbeknownst to them, would live very similar lives, and even both run the most powerful country in the world. So much is comparable when speaking of these men, and yet, so much is different. These men have very distinct things about them that set them apart. Their home lives, what they contributed to their country, and even what they did while president are all things that can be analyzed and compared.

Both FDR (Franklin) and Teddy (Theodore) lived a life of public service. They both served as the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Navy, Teddy served from 1897 until 1898, and FDR served between the years of 1913 and 1920. Another act of public service that these these men performed, was when they were Governors of New York. Teddy served as the Governor for one year (1899-1900) and Franklin for four (1929-1933). On the contrary, these men did have different lives and pursued many different things in their lifetimes.

Franklin did perform a public service that Theodore never ended up doing, which was being elected as a State Senator of New York. Theodore on the other hand, did something Franklin never managed to do, when he became the New York City Police Commissioner. Another accomplishment that Teddy fulfilled and FDR didn’t was becoming a State Assemblyman. Teddy and FDR accomplished many things in life although they weren’t always the same thing or of the same interest.

These men’s personal lives were also identical. They both were fortunate enough to be birthed into wealthy families. Their education came from the same college as well, Harvard University. Like-wise both of these gentlemen attended Colombia...

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