Theodore Roosevelt

Topics: President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, William McKinley Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: January 18, 2014
Theodore Roosevelt
One of America’s most powerful and influential Presidents in its history would have to beTheodore Roosevelt. Although strong and powerful as an adult, he gave no signs of being a strong leader in American history during his childhood years. His sickly little body held him back from being as active as he wanted. Asthma was his biggest health issue and Teddy had a hard time doing anything strenuous without getting extremely ill. Even though he was thought to be hindered from greatness because of his health issues, Teddy rose up from his ailments. With the encouragement of his father he chose to rise to the challenge of being a hard worker. He had the excuses to stay back and watch others succeed in life, but that wasn’t good enough for him. He was able to workout in a home gym created by his father and become stronger then any doctor thought possible. It was this kind of determination and perseverance that helped him later become one of America’s greatest presidents.

As Teddy’s life continued he grew both physically and intellectually. Although he wasn’t able to go to school for long periods of time as a boy, he still managed to get a solid education. He attended Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it was there that he met many of his life long friends. It was while at Harvard that Roosevelt participated in “organized” athletics which included rowing and boxing. One of his other favorite college activities was ice skating and he proved to be more skillful then all of his friends. Teddy’s life seemed to be on a great track and he was excited to take the next step by marrying his first wife, Alice Hathaway. It was on his honeymoon that he made the incredible journey of climbing the Matterhorn in Europe. Teddy realized the struggle certain journeys or explorations would be for him due to his ailments, but those struggles simply fueled the flame of his perseverance fire. He saw these activities as a challenge that...
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