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Paula—Doctrine of original sin
The doctrine of Original sin—People would rather be guilty then helpless —In the end it's all out fault
—We all come from Adam and Eve(we deserve it)
Theodicy—is a reasonable defense of god before the prevalence of evil (justification of god before evil)

Problems a theodicy confronts
1.God is all good
2.God is all powerful
3.Whence Evil
(Theodicy defends god)

2 kinds of theodicy
“Best of all possible worlds”
3 qualities of god
1.god if infinite goodness
2.god is infinite power
3.god is infinite knowledge
Three qualities of God is One “God is one”

God is goodness—“best of all possible worlds”
Infinite power—god is going to make the best possible world Infinite knowledge— must know which is the best place possible world

—God knows other universes where everything is the same except for tiny things“a skirt color”
Apriori—argument process independent of any sense experience “empirical evidence doesn't matter”
Aposteriori—this world with this kind of evil is the best possible world out of all universes.

(Objection 1)Argument against god
—God was lacking power,knowledge,or goodness in creating this world. So god is not god

—is not to always avoid evil,since evil may be accompanied by a greater good. —God permitted Evil in order to derive from it a good,that is to say,a greater good —This universe must be indeed the better than every other possible universe.

More evil than good in creatures/gods work

The surplus of good in the non-intelligent creatures that fill the world compensate for and even exceed incomparably the surplus of evil in rational creatures. —Glory and the perfection of the blessed May be incomparably greater than misery and imperfection of the damned —God is infinite,and the devil is infinite; good can and does go on infinitely, whereas evil has its bounds (god always exist but evil fades)...
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