Theocracy in the Middle East: outline

Topics: Human rights, Sharia, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Analysis Paper: Abstract

1.The current geopolitical issue that I will be delving into is the role of religion in Saudi Arabia and how the theocratic style government impacts not only the religious rights of its citizens, but the secular rights as well.

2.The question I will analyze and try to answer throughout my paper is: How does the role of the Islamic religion in the Saudi Arabian government impact the rights afforded to its citizens?

3.After the Second World War, the world was shocked and astounded by the amount of atrocities committed against their fellow man in regards to violating what were seen as fundamental human rights. As a result, on 10 December 1948 the United Nations came together to draft and publish the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with over 50 states participating in its drafting. While in recent years, violations of human rights have not reached the depths of that seen in the Second World War, but there are still many rights being infringed upon to date. In Saudi Arabia, a country is flourishing in wealth under the rule of a theocratic government where public officials are divinely guided to enforce the law in the country in line with the Islamic faith. Although Saudi Arabia stands as a prospering country, the infringements on not only secular but religious rights are quite apparent as well. With infringements on the freedom of religion, speech and expression, and the right to work apparent to the outside world, the question to be answered is what role does the Islamic religion play in the Saudi Arabian theocracy resulting in violations of universally recognized human rights?

i.Definition of a Theocracy with application to Saudi Arabia 1.Analysis of what a theocracy truly is and how government and religion tie together to create and run a working country where some law or cultural norms are influenced by the predominant religion in the country: in this case, Islam. Brief...
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