Then and Now

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Your Daily Routines – Then and Now

Use the following form to describe your daily routines before you were a college student versus a typical day’s routine now that you are a college student. Using the form as a reference, answer the questions that follow in at least 50 words each.

Daily Routine Form

Before college
After college
I would lounge around in my pajamas all day and just watch TV with my sister and family. I get up every morning and check on the progression of my assignments that are usually due and I work to complete them as well as make sure I have posted for participation for the week. I also spend quality time with my husband, lounging around and watching TV and playing video games. Monday

I would go to the lake and exercise (Running) then go home and spend the day doing various things ranging from watching TV to cooking dinner to doing laundry and help my sister with her homework. I usually get up before 5 to help my husband to get ready for work then send him off. Then I am up cleaning the house and completing chores as well as running errands for the household, and my husband as well as looking at my assignments fir the week and writing them down in my planner and posting reminders in my iPhone and computer. I also check my grades for the week and have check ins with my enrollment advisor, Ashley, and we go over my progress in my courses and she gives feedback on my grades and what I can and should do better in regards to my grades. Tuesday

I would wake up and exercise in a different location such as the forest behind my house. Then I would run around all day with my aunt and uncle getting things done such as paying bills, grocery shopping, and searching for schools for me to go to. I basically do the same thing I do Monday, but I am also making lists of things my husband and I need for the household, work, and school. I am also checking on my school work and completeing my chapter...
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