then and now

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Skateboarding then and now

Since the1970’s skateboarding is becoming more popular, especially along the West Coast. People would have considered you an outcast for skating, but now in todays time, that is not the case. It has only been 43 years since the start of skateboarding and now, it is a five billion dollar industry that is becoming larger each year. The 70’s were a start to a new sensation for skateboarding. The 70’s was a new era and an up rise in skateboarding culture on the West Coast. People cruising down the California coastline on a skinny plank of wood with a tight tail on the back. Having four polyurethane wheels gripping the ground, this was the start to skateboarding. Most of the tricks that were done tended to be extremely simple. Usually the tricks done on these tiny boards would stay on the ground, spinning in circles as fast as you could. Some would ride the board while doing a handstand as a trick. Due to the dramatic up rise in skateboarding there weren’t any skate parks around to ride at yet. During this time, people would search for houses that had empty pools in the back yard to ride in. With skateboarding Becoming more and more popular, local competitions appeared where the skater would either race down a hill through cones for the fastest time or pool sessions were judged on their tricks. You wouldn’t become rich through off these winnings though due to the small amount of money given away. There were only a few different types of skate companies. So most people that skated would have the same styles and would be wearing the same thing. Now about 40 years later the skateboarding culture is looking a little bit different. Today, you will see an average skater riding down a sidewalk with a much wider and longer shaped board, still using polyurethane based wheel. However, today’s wheels are much harder than back in the 70’s. The tricks done by today’s pros are nothing like any pro would have attempted back in the 70’s. These...
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