Themes on "Yellow Brick Road"Shor Story.

Topics: Fiction, New Zealand, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Wizard of Oz, Short story, Understanding / Pages: 2 (500 words) / Published: Jun 3rd, 2013
The short story "Yellow Brick Road" is set in a car, on State Highway 2, between Hastings and Wellington. It briefly mentions home, Waituhi, and Uncle Sam's house. Wellington is their goal. These points are unimportant.

What is important is travelling from security, warmth and familiarity to vast, unfamiliar and the alien big city. The time setting is a no man's land, caught between an old life and a new life. The car is their only home and their possessions are their only security. This is why Matiu's book is so important to him. It is a link between the past and his hope for the future.

1. Describe the settings mentioned, including the car.
2. How much time is covered in the story, ie. how long does it take them to get from Waituhi to Wellington?
3. Does the journey take place by day, or night, or both? Why is it important to the events which occur on the way?

1. What do you think the Themes of Yellow Brick Road are?
2. What does the car show?
3. Has New Zealand changed from the New Zealand portrayed in the story? Is racism still an issue in New Zealand today?

METHOD OF NARRATION / VIEWPOINT • Yellow Brick Road is written in First Person with Matiu as the narrator. He is approximately Intermediate School age (Year 7 and 8). What he says and how he says it tells us he's a child. • He does not understand what is happening but we are able to interpret from what he says things that were beyond his understanding. • Story is told on two levels - what Matiu understands and what is actually happening eg. Lollies - Matiu doesn't understand he wasn't robbed but that monetry value isn't the same as is life away from Waituhi • It is a slice of life story • Matiu often says things of more meaning than he realises

1. Explain the two points of view when Father does not answer Matiu's question about the Pakeha's liking them.
2. Matiu thinks Wellington will be better than the

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