Themes of Medea

Topics: Greek mythology, Medea, Jason Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: December 11, 2008
The themes of Medea, to me, were the most prevalent literary object in the play. They can describe almost every emotion and action of the main pro, and antagonists. The major themes of Medea are intelligence, manipulation, and ferventness. Her intelligence leads to the unnecessary death of her two children, her manipulative ways result in the unnecessary death of a king, and her ferventness is the main cause of distress for every single character involved in the tragedy. The tragedy of Medea is without a doubt one of the best of the ancient Greek, and Euripides’ use of themes in the play is what drew me towards Medea as opposed to the other myths assigned to us. Intelligence is one main theme that seems to play a large role in the fate of the main characters of the play. In the earlier moments of the play Medea is very passionate towards her husband Jason. This soon changes when she finds out that he has left her in hopes to change status by wedding the daughter of a local kingdom. This is where the first hint of intelligence as a theme shed its light. Medea’s passion has flipped to rage and leads her to be exiled from Corinth. Captivated with anger Medea schemes up a fiendish plot to… Medea’s unintelligence was also noticed in the text; any sane woman of non-barbarian decent would step back and realize murdering those that are close to you is not a good solution to your domestic disputes. Manipulation, this theme is prominent in the play because Jason, Creon, and Medea all are somewhat manipulative. Jason married Medea in hopes that she could use her sorcery to gain the Golden Fleece, and now has moved on to Glauce, with aspirations of becoming the king. Creon’s manipulation involves his daughter’s marriage to the famous explorer who has achieved the task of obtaining the Golden Fleece. Medea, an apparent master of manipulation, uses pity to win Creon’s approval for a day of packing. She treads on Jason by feeding is desire for dominance and shallowness by...
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