Themes of Chrysalids

Topics: Discrimination, John Wyndham, English-language films Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: November 6, 2012
The Chrysalids

Have you ever dreamed of a place where you will have to hide your true identity to survive. “ The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham shows the reader exactly that. In this novel there are many different themes but the main themes are ; Survival to live in this community, discrimination, and punishment.

Survival in this community is vital because if you are born a deviant you must learn to hide yourselves to blend in with the group otherwise you are banished to the fringes. As David states “ till our whole consideration if we were to survive must be to keep our true selves hidden; to walk, talk, and live indistinguishably from other people. We had a gift, a sense which, Michael complained bitterly, should have been a blessing, but was little better than a curse.”( ) *(Chapter 9)* It is clearly proven that for David being a deviant must hide himself from his community in order to survive. This was also quoted by the Sealand women “ Your work is to survive. Neither his kind, nor his kind of thinking will survive long. They are the crown of creation, they are ambition fulfilled -- they have nowhere more to go.” ( )*(Chapter 16) somewhere in the middle end)* The Sealand women said clearly that people who are not broadminded will not survive for long. They will kill their own people if needed to perderve “purity”. Also in this community you would have to do anything survive as Aunt Harriet give an example “It would only be for a day or two; just while I could get the certificate,' Aunt Harriet went doggedly on. 'You are my sister, Emily -- my sister, and the only person in the world who can help me to keep my baby.” ( ) *(Chapter 7 at the end )*Here she asked Emily (David's mother) if she could use the baby for a couple of days to get the certificate. She went as far asking someone and letting out the secret of her deviant baby. Also if you are a deviant you cannot tell anyone. As Uncle Axel states “' It's this,' he said, speaking very seriously. ' I...
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